Tuesday, September 30, 2008

She's Got It All Fall Boutique - THIS FRIDAY!

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

6:00 - 8:30pm
(at Vicki Sherwood's house)

(if you don't know where that is...
e-mail Suzanne or Shalae at

Gear up for fall with Halloween & Fall decor, a new purse, clothing for the season, and more boutique-exclusive items including:
*She's Got It All products
*J Purses & Tees
*Denim Lovers jeans
*Jewelry by the Bead Diva
*Funky Bums - vintage tees for children
*Bling Bling Hair Clips by Amelia
There will also be a benefit raffle ticket sale - several GREAT prizes means SEVERAL WINNERS!
*All proceeds from the benefit raffle will be donated to the Christian and Stephanie Nielson Rehab fund.

Hope to see you there, even if you come just for the sake of donating money to the Nielson family.
* They will only be accepting cash & checks.
* No children please - babies are OK!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday to the BEST MOM EVER! She really is (and if you know her, you would agree)! Here are 50 reasons why my mom rocks (because she is 50!):

1. Gave birth to me – DUH!?2. Has the cleanest house known to man, even if she doesn’t think so

3. Loves the color pink – any shade
4. Never leaves the house without makeup or hair done

5. Plays the piano and organ beautifully
6. Exceeds in her callings – whatever they may be

7. Makes awesome birthday cards/thank you cards/any card

8. Takes great care of my dad
9. Loves reality shows (almost) as much as I do

10. Writes Elder Drew probably every SINGLE day… maybe twice a day
11. Loves to read books 12. Wants to re-do her kitchen SO bad (anyone want to donate to the kitchen fund?)

13. Has an immaculate car

14. Loves to garden

15. Has enough Christmas décor for 12 families

16. Must have her manicure and pedicure biweekly… or else

17. Loves Café Rio salads18. Would NEVER move off of Harmony Avenue, UNLESS there was a street created for all her friends to move to (P.S. Her friends are AWESOME!)

19. Is the perfect wedding planner
20. Makes gorgeous flower arrangements
21. Creates the most ingenious handouts for lessons all the time
22. Makes yummy desserts and meals

23. Hates the color orange… and Halloween
24. Is an excellent, perfect seamstress

25. Must have her hair appointments scheduled out for months
26. Can iron like no body’s business – super crisp and clean lines (after 6 cans of starch)
27. Loves to play cards or dominoes 28. Has the best house décor

29. Is really, extremely organized in all she does

30. Always has a fancy technological tool that she doesn’t quite know how to use (iPhone, Mac computer, etc.)
31. Loves musicals
32. Very generous of her time and talent

33. Has the cutest grandkids ever
34. Can’t live without Diet Coke
35. Is an extremely clever blogger

36. Throws the best wedding/baby showers with her friends37. Loves the Orange County swap meet

38. Spoils her family all the time

39. Taught me to appreciate music

40. Hates watching movies

41. Can wrap presents perfectly – with a perfect bow too
42. Hates animals
(God rest her soul!)

43. Makes pretty jewelry

44. Has awesome son-in-laws

45. Takes great pictures of events to remember

46. Is an easy person to talk to

47. Willing to do anything and everything for anyone

48. Loves Sonic ice
49. Never missed an event (game, recital, competition) of mine or my siblings growing up

50. Because she is MY mom! And she is the BEST mom!


Wednesday, September 10, 2008


That's right, yours truly will be working with Ron Hoon, Rick D'Amico, and Alexis DelChiaro on Monday mornings in the newsroom and Kari Lake and John Hook on Tuesday afternoons/evenings in the newsroom. I can't wait. I start on Monday. Wahoo!
You might think I'm a news dork....
And yes, I do know all their names at FOX10 News! They are my favorite for sure. I watch FOX10 religiously, in the morning while I get ready and either at 9:00pm or 10:00pm every night. I'm doing the internship for credit for school, but hope that it might turn into a real job someday. I'm excited to see what this new internship brings and what I'm going to learn. Wish me luck!
Side note: I practically have to buy a brand new wardrobe for said internship.... Apparently, jeans and t-shirts are not considered professional. Dang! Wish me luck in the shopping department as well. Business slash profesh clothes, here I come!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Sweet Shoppe Outdoor Market

The Sweet Shoppe will be holding its first backyard market THIS SATURDAY, September 6th.
It will be held at the Amos residence (2332 East Emelita Circle, Mesa 85204) from 10:00am - 4:00pm.
There will be raffles and giveaways going on all day.
Yours truly will have her BLING there, for all your BLING-ISH needs! (And there will probably be discounts on Bling Bling hair clips, baby pacifiers, and flip flops... You'll just have to come and see!)
Don't miss out! It will be a great day of fun shopping and socializing. See http://thesweetshoppemesa.blogspot.com/ for more details! Hope to see you there!