Thursday, December 27, 2007

And the Streak Continues....

For my entire college career {approximately 3.5 years for those keeping track (and yes, I am on the 5 year plan)}, I have been able to maintain a 4.0 GPA (straight A's for those smart people who do not understand what a grade point average is). Let the streak continue (your tuition money is being put to good use, mom and dad)...

My Grade Report - Fall 2007
Undergraduate - Northern Arizona University
HIS 394 - Recent America

SC 321 - Nonverbal Communication


SC 351 - Interpersonal Communication

SOC 301 - Topics Contemporary Social Issues

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Santa Came Early to the Johnson House

Santa came early to our house this year, unexpectedly. We bought a little puppy last weekend. She is probably the cutest freakin' thing I have ever seen in my life. I totally fell in love with her the second I saw her. We went to look at her brothers and sisters on Saturday. I knew I wanted a little girl puppy and there were only two at this house. When we showed up, they actually had two different litters of puppies, eight weeks old and seven weeks old. The dad Yorkie got a little crazy and knocked up two moms. So, our little girl has half brothers and sisters too. It's so complicated, I know.
As we showed up at the house, a family was already walking away with one of the girls. So, I knew I had to make a decision quick. There was only one girl left, and she was actually much cuter than her sister. Her coloring was so pretty and different. Her sister was just plain black, but she was chocolate and caramel colored (hence the name Snickers, but she has no nuts!). Haha. Anyway, we knew we wanted to take her home, but we weren't prepared to take her that second. But, because she was so dang cute, I couldn't resist (and neither could Tyler). My dad and brother are totally in love with her too. It is so cute! She is so much fun to have at our house! I can't wait to get home from work to play with her. She is super cute, huh?! I just love her!

Name: Snickers Johnson
Breed: 3/4 Yorkie, 1/4 Poodle
Gender: Female
Birthday: October 14, 2007
Weight: Tiny (and she will stay that way)
You probably want one now too! And I don't blame you!

P.S. Her eyes really aren't blue. I don't know why they photograph that way. They are dark brown, I think. But, they are certainly not blue.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I Farted On Santa's Lap

This song is probably the funniest thing I have ever heard in my entire life. They play it on 104.7 KISS FM every morning and I die laughing every single time I hear it. Let me know what you think about it. (You might wet your pants! Seriously! Be really careful!)

"I Farted On Santa's Lap"

Mom made beans for dinner

You know I ate 'em all

She said come get your coat on

We're going to the mall

You're gonna visit Santa

And sit upon his knee

But all that I could think about

Was how not to cut the cheese

Waiting there for Santa

I thought that I'd explode

The gas bubble grew bigger

With every "Ho, Ho, Ho"

Tried my best to hide it

Thought I was doing swell

But when I sat down on Santa's lap

He hollered "What's that SMELL!!"

I farted on Santa's lap

Now Christmas is gonna stink for me

I farted on Santa's lap

Now I'll get $H!+ under my Christmas tree!

I asked him for a baseball

I asked him for a bat

I asked him for some ice skates

But I'll get none of that

I asked him for a lot of things

I'll have to do without

'Cause when I sat down on Santa's lap

I let one slip out

I farted on Santa's lap

Now Christmas is gonna stink for me

I farted on Santa's lap

Now I'll get $H!+ under my Christmas tree!

On Christmas Eve I snuck out of my bed

Without a sound

Went down to the living room

Just to take a look around

It was then that I saw Santa

Next to the Christmas tree

His arms were full of presents

And they were all for me

Put them in a pile

Got up to turn around

And blew a fart with such great force

Our tree almost came down

And so I'll always cherish

That special moment when

I realized even Old Saint Nick

Rips one now and then

I farted on Santa's lap

And Christmas didn't stink for me

I farted on Santa's lap

And Santa left one on my Christmas tree!