Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Just in Case....

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BRIGHTS: Fuchsia (purple-pink), Light siam (red), Sapphire (blue), Amethyst (purple), Rose (pink)LIGHTS: Light amethyst (light purple), Jonquil (light yellow), Light sapphire (light blue), Peridot (green), Light rose (light pink)

NEUTRALS: Crystal (white), Jet (black), Black diamond (gray), Smoked topaz (brown)

Fitness Works - 3 Months = $20.00

I can hook you up with a 3 month pass to Fitness Works (Higley and Baseline and/or Gilbert and Queen Creek) for just $20.00 - Just ask me! It's totally worth it. I'm so excited to start going to classes and attempting to work out for the first time in a long time (sad to admit)....

1st Anniversary Pictures

So, I decided, as an anniversary tradition, we MUST take a picture for every anniversary and we MUST watch our wedding DVD (which I cry every time I watch it... I know, pathetic). So, we did just that this past weekend. Tyler surprised me with these lovely roses Sunday morning. They are even prettier now because they are starting to open up. But, you get the idea from the picture. We went to Tucson just overnight, to get out of town and relax. It was nice to be lazy and lay out by the swimming pool. We had fun! It's nice to have your anniversary near Memorial Day. We will always have the 3-day weekend to celebrate!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

1 Year Anniversary (Already?)

Love You I Do
(DreamGirls - Jennifer Hudson)
Never met a man
Quite like you
Doing all you can
Making my dreams come trueYou’re strong and you’re smart
You’ve taken my heart
And I’ll give you the rest of me too
You’re the perfect man for me
I love you I do
Mm I love ya
I’ve never felt
Quite like this
Good about myself
From my very first kiss
I’m here when you call
You’ve got it all
And confidence like I never knewYou’re the perfect man for me
I love you I doYou’ve got a charm
You simply disarm me every time
As long as you drive
I’m along for the ride, your way
I said it before
There won't be a door
That’s closed to us
Putting all my trust in you
Cause you, you’ll always be true, Oh I never could have known
This would be,
Oh you and you alone, yeah
Now for me
I know you’re the best
You’ve passed every test
It's almost too good to be true
You’re the perfect man for me
I love you I do
You’re the perfect man for me
I love you I do

What a perfect day, one year ago, May 25, 2007! Seriously, the best day of my life! Thanks so much to these two, my mom and dad, for making this special day absolutely perfect and making my wedding day a dream come true. I know that was a crazy week (graduation, wedding, etc.), so sorry! But, it was seriously picture perfect! Check out my mom's blog for pictures of the wedding decorations. To die for!
And thanks to our awesome families for being there for us on our special day!But, especially thanks to my amazing husband. Tyler, you are perfect for me and make me want to be better every single day. I love you so much!
Happy Anniversary! And to many more in the future!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


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Guitars and Birthdays

Sunday, May 18th, was Tate's 2nd birthday and my dad's 52nd birthday. That's right, Tate was born on my dad's 50th birthday, just like I was born on my grandma's 50th birthday. We had a celebration at mom and dad's house, complete with cake and of course, GUITARS! Tate has this fascination with guitars (I still have no idea where it came from). But, he finally got a guitar of his own, so he and grandpa had a jam session together. It was so cute! Pretty much a priceless Kodak moment. See for yourself...

Only One More Year of This!

Northern Arizona University
Spring 2008 Grade Report
Amelia Johnson - Undergraduate
My Grade Report

BIO 300 - DNA
Grade: A
Credits: 1.00
BIO 300 - Global Warming
Grade: A
Credits: 1.00
BIO 300 - Plants and Human Life
Grade: A
Credits: 1.00
HUM 371 - Humanistic Values
Grade: A
Credits: 3.00
SC 315 - Business and Professional Speaking
Grade: A
Credits: 3.00
SC 323 - Intercultural Communication
Grade: A
Credits: 3.00
COM 230 - Small Group Communication
Grade: A
Credits: 3.00
Current GPA

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Breakfast of Champions!




Monday, May 12, 2008

My Mom Rocks! That's All!

So, I had a fab weekend in Cali with my sisters and mom. We drove there on Friday, went to the Orange County Market Place, got pedicures, and saw the Newport Temple on Saturday, and drove home on Sunday. A good time was had by all. It was tons of fun to just be with the girls!
The first find of the day... a sweet wallet to match her already stylish purse!
The best find of the whole trip... Guitar glasses for Tate, who can't seem to get enough of the guitar these days! Good job, Manders!
What posers! I love this pic!
Awesome (not white trash at all) hats! Amanda looks fantastic in the one that says "Jesus is my boss. Amen."
The hat all alone (and probably stayed that way all day long)
Another awesome (not white trash at all) hat!
"Cheaper than Costco... Cheaper than Walmart... We're just DAMN cheap!" = Priceless
All worn out from a day of shopping for 7 hours at the Orange County Market Place
Mom showing off a couple of her buys of the day, a sweet Elmo shirt and the guitar sunglasses for Tate. Rock on, mom!
Amber showing off her buys of the day
Amanda showing off her purchases, minus the fake tree in the back of mom's carMe showing off what I got at the swap meet (Apparently I had a black and red and white theme. I got a zebra purse with red, a red bling shirt, a white swimsuit coverup, and a black with cherries cover for my flat iron for traveling.)
After such a long day, we needed pedicures for sure... (Well, Amber already got one a few days earlier and so did mom. So, they got their eyebrows waxed and Amber got a manicure. Amanda and I got pedicures and my mom just had a foot massage. Awesome! I LOVE PEDIS!)
The two pregos (Amber was a trooper at 37 weeks pregnant, walking around all day at the swap meet. I was impressed!)
Eating at yummy Mario's (My mom is taking the picture, but is still in it in the mirror.)
In front of the Newport Temple... So pretty!
The flowers were SO pretty and could never be grown like that here in Arizona.
Let me explain this picture, briefly... We stayed at this same hotel MANY years ago and they didn't have TVs with closed captioning so Amber could watch and my mom wrote them a nasty letter about how they need to provide services for the hearing impaired because it is a law. So, we saw this awesome sign in the lobby when we were checking in and decided it was a Kodak moment. They probably added that sign after receiving the awesome letter from Steph Romney!
All in all, the trip was so fun! We had never had a girls trip before and I decided they need to happen more often.
Thanks mom for everything! And Happy Mother's Day (yesterday)! You're the best mom ever. I know you would do anything and everything for us without even thinking twice. You're not only the best missionary mom (like Drew said), but you're just the best, most awesome mom period! I love you so much! Thanks again for such a fun trip!