Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dreamy Flowers

Here are the new, dreamy flowers! The flowers are 3.5 inches wide. I have 4 flowers in each color available, and there are 12 colors total. Below are pictures of the flowers. The flowers can be bought as pictured for $2.50 each or with BLING (15-20 clear rhinestones) for $5.00 each. Email me at blingblingbyamelia (at) gmail (dot) com to call dibs on the flowers. First come, first serve. I have a limited quantity on hand, for the time being. Check them out!
Red, Brown, Yellow, Peach, Light Pink, White, Bright Pink, Light Blue, Black, Light Purple, Cream, Orange

New (& Old) Bling Bling Hair Clips

Old Bling Bling Hair Clips - $2.50 each
Here is a list of the colors & how many of each are remaining:
Green - 7
Yellow - 10
Light Pink - 5
Light Blue - 3
Purple - 2
Fuschia - 8
Blue - 10
Light Purple - 9
New Bling Bling Hair Clips - $4.00
Here is a list of the colors & how many of each are remaining:
Light Purple Polka Dot w/Clear - 12
Turquoise Polka Dot w/Clear - 12
Brown Polka Dot w/Clear - 3
Pink Polka Dot w/Clear - 13
Blue Polka Dot w/Clear - 12
Red Polka Dot w/Red - 9
Brown Polka Dot w/Brown - 8
Bling Bling Pacifiers - $8.00
(Sorry the pictures aren't great... It's hard to take pictures of BLING!)
Email me at blingblingbyamelia (at) gmail (dot) com to call dibs on these Bling Bling hair clips & Bling Bling pacifiers. First come, first serve! Bling Bling items can be picked up at my mom's house (Romney's) or mailed for an additional charge. Hope to hear from lots of you! Thanks!
Pictures of new DREAMY flowers coming soon... Check back! You won't want to miss it!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Much Needed Update... Cali, Car Wreck, Cancun!

Here is an update on what we have been up to:
We have both been extremely busy working & Tyler is going to school (graduating May 2010... YAY!). Here is an updated family picture from our trip to San Diego in July with Tyler's family. We had a great time & loved having the week-long break from reality...

A couple weeks ago, we were rearended in my car and it was totaled. We were sad to say goodbye to the Lancer. I drove that cute, red car for 4 years and loved it (especially since it was paid for - thanks mom & dad). But, alas, we said adieu and recently got a new car. We love it, but Tyler gets to drive it the majority of the time. Oh well! Someday I'll get used to the new car. So far, I still give myself whiplash when I hit the brakes... a little bit touchy.

I just got home from Cancun last weekend. We went for "work" aka a trip just for fun. The doctors were so generous to take our whole office (20+) girls to Cancun for a few days. We stayed at an all-inclusive resort & had the time of our lives. We visited Chichen Itza, the amazing Mayan ruins & one of the Seven Wonders of the World. I'd never been to Mexico before, but loved every single minute of it. The beaches were gorgeous & a good time was had by all. Thanks, Dr. Rollins & Dr. Petersen! I really work for the best doctors. At the beginning of the summer, I started a new position at work as the financial coordinator. I love it! It keeps me VERY busy. I really love where I work & who I work with & for. (Oh yeah... And I got my braces off two days before the trip to Cancun. It was a sweet week for me!)

Stay tuned for an update on BLING BLING... New colors of clips, old colors of clips, and new DREAMY flowers! I can't wait to share!