Monday, June 22, 2009


With school being OVER and a little more time on my hands... BLING is back! I won't be making mass quantities to have on hand at all times, but I will be taking orders for flip flops and pacifiers {cutest shower gift ever - along with OOPS! of course} and making more clips here and there {which I will post as I make them}. Let me know if you are interested. Email me at blingblingbyamelia (at) gmail (dot) com or tylerameliajohnson (at) gmail (dot) com. I'd love to BLING for ya! You know you need some BLING!
Clips starting at $3.00 each
Flip flops starting at $15.00 per pair for kids, $25.00 per pair for adults (BYOFF... Buy Your Own Flip Flops - Just bring them to me to BLING!)

Friday, June 12, 2009


I have BLING flip flops that are already made (used for samples in the past) that I'm wanting to get rid of. They are priced very, very low. If you are interested, just leave a comment or email me at tylerameliajohnson at gmail dot com. Here is what I have (ALL LITTLE GIRLS SIZES):
Size 10/11 White Old Navy flip flops w/clear rhinestones ($15.00)
Size 8/9 Silver Old Navy flip flops w/clear rhinestones ($15.00)
Size 8/9 Black Old Navy flip flops w/clear rhinestones ($10.00)
Size 8/9 Gray, Silver, & Pink Old Navy flip flops w/gray rhinestones ($15.00)

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Oh my goodness.... The last few months have been CRAZY BUSY, to say the least. Sorry for not blogging. I hope to be better. Here is what we have been up to....
In January, Tyler & I went to the sand dunes. It was my first time going and it was freakin' windy and freezing cold. Needless to say, I looked like Ralphie from "A Christmas Story" all bundled up. It was lots of fun and hope we will go again when it cools down. We gotta use that rhino more often since we are the proud owners of it!
In February, Tyler & I went to Disneyland and California Adventure for Valentine's Day. It was a fun trip for us. It poured rain the first day, so we got our money back (which we still have 2 adult one-day park hopper tickets that don't expire until 2012, if you need some). But, the next day was perfect, so we hit up both theme parks all day long. It was a short weekend trip that we both needed badly.
In March, Tyler & I, with the help of MANY people (which we are so very thankful to), made our move from our first house to my parent's house. It was bittersweet, like my last post said. We are so grateful for my parents and the opportunity we have to live with them. It has been such a blessing so far and we have loved it! Goodbye orange house! We will miss you!

In May, I FINALLY GRADUATED FROM NAU! YAY! I graduated with a Bachelor's in Organizational Communications. I got to wear the special gold cords for graduating Summa Cum Laude (aka I graduated with a 4.0 GPA). It has been quite the semester, and I'm so glad to finally be a college graduate. I'm so grateful to my parents for allowing me to get my education while I can. I'm so lucky to have a college degree, especially with the economy we are in. I love the job I am at right now with the orthodontic office. In fact, I just got promoted to do the financial position, which I'm so excited for. I'm also going to be working on getting my substitute teaching certificate this summer so I can start substituting in the fall on my days off. We took the trek up to NAU in Flagstaff for my graduation. It was a fun little day trip. Thanks to all those who supported me on my special day, especially Tyler! Next year we will make that trek again for Tyler to graduate. I can't wait until we are both done with school. It will be such a relief!

Finally, on May 25, we celebrated our 2 year anniversary. I can't believe I have been married for 2 stinkin' years. Crazy! We just went out to lunch and went shopping on our anniversary. It was a fun day off, since it was Memorial Day. I'm such a lucky girl to be married to such an awesome guy! Love you!

Until next time....