Friday, January 29, 2010


Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas were all amazing! I'll spare you the details, but all were spent with family and friends.
The reason for my lack of blogging: busy with work (my day job) and my new adventure with Bling Bling by Amelia. My items are now in Glitter Box at SanTan Mall and I just received new product, shown below.

The peony flowers are available in the 9 colors shown below, are about 5.5" each, and are $5.00 each. The cotton beanies come in sizes for infants and toddlers, have a 5.5" peony flower on them, and are $12.00 each. They are randomly matched colors, so contact me for specific orders. Contact me if you are interested in any flower clips, beanies, pacifiers, or flip flops! Thanks!

Stay tuned for a giveaway involving my Bling Bling items! It will be worth it!